"Modes" are a very powerful way to change/randomize properties like opacity, rotation, width, height, etc. Almost any property in OMATA has a modes feature.

Modes make it easy to adjust values for a high number of objects. E.g. it's simple to randomize the opacity of items within min and max values.


  • Fixed Value (default)
    Just enter a fixed value and it will be set to every item.

  • Random
    Set a min and max value and a random value within will be applied to every item.

  • List
    For every item a value from the list will be picked. You can add new values with the plus icon.

  • Steps
    From the start value for every item a step value will be added or subtracted.

How to use

At the right end of a property click on the icon and pick a mode.

Modifiers / Sub-Modes

When it makes sense there are modifiers next to the mode switcher.

  1. Absolute / relative (abs/rel)
    Choose if the mode should operate on absolute values or relative values. Absolute values are like setting e.g. the opacity in Illustrator. Relative values are added to the current value that already exists (e.g. opacity of an item is 20 and in the process a relative value of 5 will be added. The final opacity will be 25.).

  2. For each / once
    For each: for each item a random number will be generated.
    Once: the mode generates a single (random) value and applies that single value to all items. E.g. the random opacity value is 34 and the opacity of all items will be set to 34.