Install OMATA

OMATA is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator, for Mac or PC. Make sure that you have a working installation of Illustrator running.

Installing the plugin

Installation of the plugin is managed by the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App (CCD). This is the one that you use to install all Adobe products, like Photoshop and Illustrator.

  1. Installation via Creative Cloud Desktop app

Get the plugin here:

Manually getting there:

  1. Open the CCD app

  2. Enter "omata" in the top search field

  3. Click on the OMATA card in the search results

  1. Installation

  1. Close Illustrator

  2. Click "Install" button

  3. After confirmation restart Illustrator

  1. Start plugin in Illustrator

  1. Start Illustrator

  2. Create a new document

  3. Find the plugin in the top menu: Window > Extensions > Omata

If OMATA is not shown in this list, the installation has failed. Please try again in the CCD app and ensure that you receive confirmation that the installation was successful. If you encounter any issues, please contact me at:


I recommend to dock the plugin panel on the side in full height. It's the best way to work with OMATA.