Circle / Radial Layout

1. General
  • Arrange any type of object: rectangles, ellipses, polygons or even text.

  • Objects need to be inside a group for Arranger to do its magic.

  • If they are not inside a group Arranger will create a group for you.

2. Size
  • Width and height define the diameter of your circle.

  • Set width and height independently to achieve elliptic layouts.

3. Direction
  • Define if objects should be arranged in a clockwise order (default/right button) or in a counterclockwise order (left button).

  • Pro tip: Direction has a big influence when you are working with Start Angle and End Angle.

4. Start Angle
  • By default the layout starts at 0 degrees = 12 o’clock (top). Change this to rotate the complete circle.

  • Values range from 0 (zero) to 360 degrees. (360 = zero).

5. End Angle
  • End Angle (in combination with Start Angle) helps you to achieve arc layouts (a.k.a. not a full circle).

  • Values range from 0 (zero) to 360.

  • Note: The layout is strongly affected by the Direction setting.

6. Adjust Last Object
  • By default all objects will be distributed evenly from start to end – without overlap. This means that the first object starts at 0 (zero) degress (top) and the last object’s position ends one step before the first object – so that they do not overlap.

  • „Adjust last object“ means that the position of the last object will be the same as the first object. This is relevant when you use End Angle.

  • An example: You have 12 objects. Start Angle is 0 degrees. End Angle is 180 degrees. Direction is clockwise.

  • By default the last object will be positioned at „1 step before 180“ degrees.

  • To postion the last object at exactly 180 degrees you will need to check „Adjust last item“.

7. Orientation
  • Use this option to let all objects point to the center, or point away from it (Up / Down).

  • Also they can point left or right along the circle (Left / Right).

8. Random Order
  • With this option the order of objects will be randomized.

  • If you uncheck it then it will reset to your default order defined by layers.

  • Note: The new random order is just „virtual“. This real order in layers is not changed.